Quality and safety

The quality and safety of Pagalou Educational Green Toys

The safety of Pagalou toys is due to our respect for nature and the superior quality that is reflected in the choice of natural raw materials as well as in the finishing of Pagalou toys. There is no compromise in this regard. Plastic is replaced by wood, artificial fiber is replaced with natural wool, toxic paints are replaced with paints created from natural pigments. These educational toys will be a companion for the next 4-5 years in your child’s life and during this time, they will come in contact with them, almost at any time of the day. It is recommended to choose a natural/organic and certified product to avoid toxic substances.

Pagalou toys are handmade of beech wood. They are made to long last and bring happiness to as many generations of children as possible. The more generations of children play with them, the more valuable these toys become.

The idea of heirloom inspired us to create quality, ecological and sustainable toys with which your children, but also future generations, will discover the joy of learning through play.

Each piece is hand-painted. We use “botanical” water-based paints, made of natural pigments (plants, vegetables, clay) that are certified according to European standards EN 71-3, for the safety of toys. Wood is a porous and organic material. Thus, when painted, each piece of toy absorbs differently and unevenly the amount of paint. Sometimes the paint will highlight the natural streaks of the wood. This is not an irregularity but reflects a unique and noble piece.


For finishing, we use natural sealant. Natural flaxseed oil is high-quality oil, which is antiallergic, antibacterial, and also retains the applied color and protects the surface of toys. We love wooden toys because they are safe, natural, and durable, but also because they are nourishing for a child’s senses. The variety of colors and the natural streaks of the wood make these toys to be appreciated. With proper care, wooden toys will give children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren many, many years of play and joy.

Play it SAfe!

Pagalou toys are tested in a laboratory and CE (Conformité Européenne”) certified. This means that Pagalou toys are EU standards-compliant for health, safety, and environmental protection. See regulations EN-71 for child safety.

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