Montessori & Waldorf philosophy

Montessori & Waldorf Toys
Educational philosophy

Pagalou Educational Toys promotes rigorous and self-motivated growth for children and teenagers in all areas of their development – cognitive, emotional, social, and physical. Maria Montessori, who laid the foundations of the education method of the same name, found that little ones learn best when their senses are engaged in a learning activity. The child, for Montessori, is a “sensory explorer”.
Learning using Montessori toys is another method applied by Montessori Education, through introducing complex and abstract concepts through practical activities that involve learning materials based on sensory sense. Children work with materials that have been scientifically designed and that give them the opportunity to explore our world and develop basic cognitive skills. The materials are designed to allow the child to recognize the error and become responsible for their own learning.


The Waldorf teaching method is a unique educational strategy that aims to create children with a personality that is fully developed in all aspects through a broad curriculum, including arts and music education, physical education, and emotional and social education. The stated purpose of the Waldorf Method is to produce individuals capable of creating meaning in their own lives.
montessori & waldorf philosophy education was designed to meet the needs of childhood, including allowing children to set their own pace and use their imagination and creativity.
The montessori & waldorf philosophy encourages a broad curriculum. Both parents and teachers are encouraged to explore new topics and be guided by the exploration of children/students. This type of teaching encourages learning for the sake of learning, instead of passing an exam or getting a good grade.

Pagalou Educational Green Toys are developed respecting the Montessori and Waldorf learning methods. All Pagalou toys have both educational and entertaining purposes. Due to the natural materials and the different textures, by using Montessori toys children will learn both to classify, to order, to differentiate based on the characteristics of different types, and to get to know themselves, by discovering coordination and concentration. These materials allow children to investigate and explore in a personal and independent way.

Our toys offer well-defined activities, so the child himself will realize if the elements of the toy have not been used correctly. In this way, children know that mistakes are part of the learning process; It teaches children to establish a positive attitude toward them while holding them accountable for their own learning and helping them to develop self-confidence.

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